Check up
before checking in.

People care about what you're doing to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Regardless of the type of facility you manage, Place Checkup is where you can make sure that your cleaning and safety procedures are completed, transparent, and verified.

Mary's Shoe Store
22 Ludgate Hill
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How does it work?

1 Register Your Places Register on Place Checkup and submit the places you manage to the platform.
2 Do Your Checkup Check which safety procedures and routines you have in place and are being duly executed.
3 Get Your Badge After performing the Checkup, you'll get your 'COVID-19 Prevention' badge for everyone to see.
COVID-19 Prevention Badges

Get our A-GRADE, B-GRADE, or C-GRADE badge, depending on the level of precautionary measures and routines you’re taking.

* The COVID-19 Prevention badges are valid for two weeks.
Check up
before checking in.