How it Works

What do the Place Checkup “COVID-19 Prevention” badges mean?

Any “COVID-19 Prevention” Badge by Place Checkup (Grade A, B or C) means that the certified establishment has adopted and verified some or all of the guidelines for COVID-19 prevention in our platform, which are based on the official recommendations by authorities such as the World Health Organisation (WHO).

How does the classification system work?

The Place Checkup platform provides establishment owners with a checklist of 30 recommended measures and routines for COVID-19 prevention. The full checklist is provided below.

Depending on how compliant they are, establishments will get either a Grade A, Grade B, or Grade C Badge, as follows:

How long are the 'COVID-19 Prevention' badges valid for?

Regardless of its grade, your badge is valid for a period of two weeks, after which you'll need to renovate it. This period may be adjusted on your renovated certificates.

What measures and routines are assessed through Place Checkup?

Here’s the full list of practices that Place Checkup bases its “COVID-19 Prevention” certification on:

- We have a visible and accessible contingency plan that is aligned with local authorities
- We have posters with guidelines from the national health authority displayed and visible in the designated places
- We provide workers with training on the extraordinary procedures that they are required to follow
- We provide employees with instructions for seeking medical attention in case they present common Covid-19 symptoms (a fever, cough, difficulty breathing...)
- We have implemented and applied new requirements regarding cleaning of sanitary facilities
- We have specific places available and ready for isolation
- We have a safe place to isolate a person if necessary
- We have visible signs for regulating the flow of people (eg limits, mandatory route ...)
- We have 'contactless' payment as the preferred payment method
- We have sufficient and easily accessible waste bins
- We have specific waste bins for biohazard disposables
- We check if the PPE required for extraordinary protection of the staff during job activity is available (e.g. masks, hair nets, visors, disposable gloves, goggles, protective suits, non-slip footwear)
- We check if all staff members have access to the recommended PPE for their jobs (e.g. hair nets, visors, goggles, protective suits, non-slip footwear)
- We check if the biometric controls for personnel access are turned off
- We check if the staff is maintaining the required distance
- We check if hand sanitizer is available and accessible
- We check if hand sanitizer dispensers are available in all designated locations
- We check if the hand sanitizer lotion dispensers have their levels verified and are refilled
- We check if the use of face masks is being complied with
- We check if the main accesses are clear, in order to avoid touching
- We check if the flow of people entering the building (distance and maximum limit) is being controlled
- We check if the minimum social distance is being respected
- We check if misconducts are being reported
- We check if all commonly-touched surfaces (eg handles, switches) are being disinfected regularly
- We check if the surfaces and materials being used by customers are regularly disinfected
- We check if all the materials and equipment are being cleaned and disinfected after use
- We check if all surfaces that were touched by an infected person have been properly cleaned and disinfected
- We check that the daily cleaning and disinfection records are always up to date
- We check if places are ventilated several times a day
- We check that the contact record between workers is always up to date